For most of us mathematics cannot have been fun to learn in school and apply in later life. With complex problem solving and tough questions, most students stay away from pursuing further studies in the field. However we may not fully understand how this subject helps us in our daily lives. Hopefully this knowledge will give us a fresh perspective on the subject.

  • Managing time: our lives are set around the clock, doing errands, going for meetings, doing this and that. Everything takes place within minutes, seconds or hours. And it is mathematics that helps us grasp our sense of time and help in managing it. Understanding time helps use to prioritise on what we have to do and helps us better focus on our daily tasks. If you waste time you can never get it back.

  • Routines: if you look at our daily lives we can see that everything is timed. For an organised person, there is a time to eat, a time to sleep and when we travel we tend to calculate the hours we might need to get there and back, we may also look at travel options we might have to take based on the schedule we have. Though you may not give it much thought, these routines begin to take shape as a result of maths and the calculations we make.


  • Budgets: this is the most basic use that comes to our mind when it comes to using maths in our lives. Understanding our expenses and our earnings is a prerequisite for our daily living. We need to be able to live normal lives without stressing over financial difficulties, and this can only be done if we create budgets and manage finances efficiently. Therefore if you are failing in your mathematics in school it is best to get jc maths tuition to help you through, because it is very important for your future life.


  • It is a stimulant: Research has shown that engaging in regular mathematical puzzles or questions can really help boost the brain and make you very sharp and intelligent. So it is a good exercise for both the young and the old to keep their minds active.

  • Critical thinking: Learning mathematics and actively using it helps us to think critically and understand complex problems in real life situations. It teaches us that the problems we face always have a solution so we can look forward positively without giving up.

Therefore it is important from younger days to pay more attention to this is amazing subject and get all the help you can get to reasonably excel in it.