The job market is very competitive today. There are many pathways students can pursue to be eligible for employment. Some students start working straight away after college and whilst at work, follow some professional qualifications to advance in their career. Others opt to join an accredited university or higher educational institute and graduate with an undergraduate degree of their choice before embarking on a journey to climb the career ladder

Which way is better?

It actually depends on your objectives for life. If you plan to join the C suite of a company, a bachelor’s degree is a must. Actually if you plan to go that high, a Masters and a considerable number of years in experience under your belt is also a must. You need to accumulate experience in a certain area of expertise such as marketing or freight. If you are just thinking of working for a few years and then start up your own business then your educational qualifications might not matter as much. Whatever your objective is, a “never say never” attitude and mandatory skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership etc. are essential.

Becoming a manager

To climb in the career ladder you need to become a manager of some area first. That will lead to your progress through the ranks to the top one day. Being a manager is not as easy as it sounds; you need to have people skills to manage your subordinates and the operational knowledge of what they do. This is the reason executives are often advised to continue in a single area so they’d have the familiarity of what needs to be done on the office or factory floor. You need to be empathetic to understand ups and downs of people who are working under you, to have an idea of who is suitable to do what.

Being a good manager

First ensure you have the right knowhow of all key factors; you know of production if it is a manufacturing company or about the service levels if it is a service-based company. You also need to know of marketing, accounting and finance and HR practices. Especially accounts knowledge is very important as that will decide the fate of the profitability if costs are not managed. Here is where a good education comes in handy. If you are a business graduate, have undergone a secondary math course at school or someone who has had the best physics tutor of all times, you’d know the way around numbers, hence no one could fool you in to believing wrong ones.

It has been observed many times that companies lose their footing due to a faulty method of handling their finances, costly manufacturing processes or lame marketing campaigns. One way to avoid this is by ensuring the best people are hired. Due to these issues many companies now have a rigorous selection process for candidates to undergo. So if you want to make it in the competitive job market you better make sure to accumulate not only relevant educational and professional qualifications but also skills and knowledge as required by them.