Studying solely at a school may not be enough to provide your child with adequate knowledge and help to understand their subject matter effectively. While schools are important and provide your child with an educational setting where they can improve their social skills in addition to acquiring other important life skills such as leadership, responsibility, etc., sometimes they may not be able to provide your child with the best learning method that suits them. Children are unique and the way they acquire and process information can be different. However in most educational settings such as schools they only focus mostly on auditory and visual learning techniques which while suitable for some students may not be appropriate for others.

Some schools may also be guilty of putting too many students into one class thus limiting the amount of time the teacher can spend on each child. This means that if a student is unable to understand some of their subject matter the teacher would not be able to spend much time clarifying it for them. If they don’t understand it even after the clarification then chances are the teacher would move on with the subject matter or tell the child to meet him or her later to clarify the problematic content.

If a student is shy then they would not be able to meet their teacher and get it clarified most likely they would not even be able to ask the question in class in the first place.

Therefore tuition is important. It provides a student with a more private setting where there would not be many other children therefore they can overcome their inhibitions and clarify any doubts they have. Furthermore as there are fewer students, Tutors will be able to spend more time with each student and be able to explain the content patiently until the child is able to grasp it.

The important thing regarding tuition is that to make the most use of it, students have to be enrolled as early as possible. This allows the tutor to understand the student better and employ a teaching style that suits them. If your child is in need of jc maths tuition then provide them with it at the beginning of their school year so they can progress smoothly through the lessons and be able to sort out any issues or problems before they become bigger. When the basics are not properly learnt it is difficult for a student to make sense of the more advanced knowledge, especially in a subject like mathematics where one needs to know their basics thoroughly. If you enrol them in tuition early then if your child has a problem understanding the basics they can get it clarified quickly so that in school when more content is being taught they would be able to understand that better instead of being confused.

As a parent it is your duty to help your child in their studies so enrol them in tuition early and provide them with a setting where they can ask for help and be given help effectively.