Being a college student isn’t easy. Harder yet, is being a college student out of a job. If you’re in your semester break, want to earn a little money, but don’t want to sacrifice your entire break; then we have a few brilliant job suggestions for you…

If it’s the summer, clean out the pools and maintain gardens

If it’s the summer vacation, then it goes without saying that everyone in town is getting ready for pool parties and summer barbeques. This inevitably means that there are plenty of people looking to get their pools cleaned and presentable, as well as getting their garden in order. If you happen to have any experience in either one of it, consider doing this as your summer job. Not only will it give you a natural tan, the hours are pretty flexible too. This allows you to join a few of your own pool parties, without spending the whole of your semester break working and earning money…

Keep your mind sharp, and tutor younger kids for a fee

One of the biggest problem most college students face after their semester break, is that they have lost touch with studying. The month full of sleeping until noon, partying into the night and eating whenever their mind is bored means it feels nearly impossible to get themselves back into their books once they are done with the vacation. To avoid this from happening, consider tutoring someone in your neighborhood. For example, if you study physics, consider being a physics tutor Singapore based, and keep your mind in focus.


Make use of your car for more than trips to the beach

Do you happen to own a car? If you do, and if you’re like most college students, then chances are that you will mostly be using the vehicle for trips to the beach or visiting your friends. however, if you want to do more and earn a little money, consider joining a taxi hailing or food delivering service. You can consider only working part time of the day, and leave the rest of the day to holiday.

Get yourself certified and join your local water hole as a lifeguard

Saving lives is a career that we all had dreams for as children. Some wanted to be a firefighter, while others wanted to be army officers. There are also those who wanted to be lifeguards. If it’s true with you as well, and if you happen to know to swim, consider getting yourself certified as a lifeguard, and get a job at your local pools or other waterholes.