We all need sites to refer and study on. Many high school and university courses have research material that needs to be taken from the internet. Books are a great way to study but obtaining information from the internet is the easiest. Years ago, people had to visit libraries and read off articles to learn something new. This may take days and even months for some. Some topics are hard to come by and even find in libraries. This was difficult but people managed. Today, it is not the same. The internet has all the information we need. It is a vast library of knowledge for us.

The internet gives most of these knowledge for free. When the internet was first introduced and released to the public. People mostly used it for basic things. As internet became common world over and the increase in bandwidth and speeds, ushered in a new revolution for learning. All the information was put into the internet. Anything and everything you want to know is available on the internet. It is an ocean of knowledge. The best thing about this ocean is that it is constantly expanding as more and more information is poured into it. This has made students’ lives easier. Students don’t have to go searching in library or look for specific books. They are all available online for all of us to use. With devices such as smartphones, we can even access the internet anywhere we are.

There are some sites that will allow you to get this information faster. Rather than looking all over the internet for something, there are certain databases with information we need. Be aware that not all information may be genuine because there are many fake information, news and websites on the internet. You should know to stay away from them and find sites that are genuine and useful. Here’s a list of the best reference sites online.


Wikipedia is the most popular site for research. It has pages and pages of information. Even though the site is very useful, there are articles that are not accurate. Due to this you have to make sure there are sites that support the articles on Wikipedia but in most cases the articles are very useful due to it being easily available.

The Library of Congress Site

The library of congress site has information from one of the largest libraries in the world. The site allows you to ask questions from a librarian and search from catalogs around the world. The site gives accurate and useful information which cannot be found in any other site.


Answers.com is a site that collects information from around the web to answer your questions. The site weeds out all the non-genuine and fake sites from its answers. The results are then obtained from dictionaries and encyclopedias.

There are many other reference sites online. These are some of the best when you want answers reliable and fast.