The hospitality industry continues to grow as the tourism industry continues to cater to the requirements of the travellers whether inbound or outbound. Many individuals who choose to be part of this industry find it difficult to enter it with ease unlike it was twenty years ago. But now there are many courses that will help you have the right qualifications to enter the industry, which holds countless number of jobs to climb up the career ladder. Not only will it open many doors for you, but you will also understand that you can earn a thumping amount as you get promoted.

There are different types of programs such as diplomas, bachelors and masters programs available that offer an excellent curriculum including marketing, human resource management, accounts, economics, business administration and even training about how to develop skills such as communication skills. There are many areas in the hospitality industry that one can decide to work in such as hotel and resorts, travel and tourism, food and beverage, event management, spas and wellness centres, casinos, catering services, human resource management, finance, communication, advertising, public relationships, media, and food outlet services.


A program such as masters, degrees or WSQ courses in Singapore has a few benefits, which are:

  • In a highly competitive industry, there are many global organisations that will have unlimited job opportunities that will expose you to global standards of the industry.
  • Studying about this industry will hold many doors open and one will be able to change to any related field without even having to worry about whether they are qualified.
  • The pay in this industry is comparatively higher to any other which makes it a very demanding job. The working hours are based on shifts.
  • The course will support you to get a good job opportunity because graduates are known to have good problem solving skills, and out of the box thinking as they are able to understand the finance and operational aspects.
  • When working for global chain hotels, you will be able to work in different locations and regions of the world and therefore, being exposed to diverse cultures. This is one of the only industries that have a lot of flexibility and mobility.

The course you follow is not the only thing that will help you perform well. You will need to be determined and passionate about the job you do. The WSQ course or a degree will only be a tool that you can use, but it will is a big advantage towards your future ambition.


The communication skills you possess are critical in the business, as you will deal with people form different backgrounds, guests and suppliers. Your mind will be open to help your customers in any ways possible to retain them.