A lot of kids nowadays don’t really openly express their feelings or emotions over things. If something bothers them they often turn to their friends for support rather than talk to Mom or Dad.


As parents, even though we are busy working to provide for our kids we have to remember that keeping an open line of communication is still a key to a maintaining a healthy relationship with your kid.


If you suspect that your kid is having difficulty with his or her schoolwork better take action on this concern right away before things turn really bad.

Below are some tips to get started:


1.)Have frequent chats with your kid by asking them about their day at school and what have they learned. This may sound corny for some but it’s one way for us to get our children to talk instead of them spending time updating their social media status. Your kid especially teenagers needs to see you as a friend rather as an enemy.


2.)Do not mock or criticize them for getting low test scores instead ask them about what kind of help to they need. You could probably discuss the possibility of getting private tutorial lessons by inquiring about secondary chemistry tuition singapore and what difference will these special classes make on his school work.


Never ever turn your back or reject your kids if they ask help from you in doing their homework. Some parents make this common mistake and telling their kids to do their research on their own by using the internet.

For the parents, always remember that one of the reasons why your kids came asked for help is because they trust you so please help them as much as you can and don’t let them down.

3.) Help your kids establish good study habits and teach them about time management skills. This is very tricky because most of them own gadgets such as laptops and smartphones. If left unsupervised some of them won’t even study on their own which will result to poor grades. Create house rules about the proper usage of these gadgets and make sure that all children will abide by these rules. Make it clear that once they go against the rule they would have to own up for their mistakes and açcept the consequences of their wrongdoings. Sometimes showing them the right amount of discipline and showing them tough love will help them become more mature and responsible children and let them know that it is for their own good as well.