Your precious child is yours to love and nurture. You have a responsibility to shape your child into a good and respectable individual who will do a lot of good to the people of the world. That is one of your core duties as a parent. But indeed this job is harder than it seems! Read the article below and find tips that will help you bring out the best in your child.

Help your children be confident

A confident adult is a capable adult. So make sure your child becomes confident in his or her abilities to perform the tasks assigned. Encourage them to take part in sports in their schools so that their leadership and team working skills will be shaped. You can also look for JC A Level mathematics Singapore has if you are living in that country and help them excel in this difficult subject. When they perform well in school or in sports they will start believing in themselves more. But never push them beyond their limits! Always admire and appreciate your children’s unique skills and capabilities. Not everyone is an academic or a sportswoman. And not all academics and sportswomen in the world are exceptionally happy either. Don’t get in to a crazy competition with fellow parents. Your children are born to fulfill their own missions, not to always ‘make you proud’. Accept this and encourage them to do what they desire and they will soon become quite confident in themselves.

Encourage them to give

There are so many receivers in the world and so few givers! The materialistic world encourages us to earn more and spend more, and rarely to give more. Do teach your children that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Help them learn the joy of being generous by getting their assistance in picking out nice gifts for your family during special events and celebrations. Take them along with you when you donate to charity as well. Help them see that everyone can make a difference in the world, if they choose to be unselfish.

Lead by example

A crab cannot expect its offspring to walk straight! Similarly you cannot expect your child to be bold, adventurous, confident and generous if you don’t possess these traits yourself. So try to become a better version of yourself first and your children will watch you and learn. That is after all the best way to guide and teach our children!

Be generous with praise

When they do something nice and unselfish, lavish them with praise. They are your children so they deserve to be praised by you. The words that you use can certainly shape the course of their lives.

Here’s hoping you mould strong and kind individuals who will change the world in the future!