The sort of field you are good at must be extracted from your inner mind working. Whether you should pick science, Math or arts stream must be decided pretty early in life; students wait till their GCEs to choose a study path and sometimes, it can be too late. We have experienced students failing to progress through a certain pathway and then choosing to go on another, which leads to waste of time, energy and money.

Choosing the right area

Success of what you engage in as a job begins not at the entry to the industry, but actually, much earlier. Students and parents have to recognize the field of study that is precise for them. It will also help them expand their skills and mentality to outshine everyone at it.Studying does not mean simply cramming what is taught in class. Even though you manage to pass exams by doing that, one day when you start a job, you will see that much has to be done practically. Whilst the theories you studied will be of help, they do not necessarily tell you what to do at each moment. This, comes through the skills you have developed. There is brain training Singapore where a child will be “trained” to theorize, rationalize and come in to decisions using skills. You must know whether you are capable of that, what kind of decisions you are good at making etc. If you know to avoid things and be very to-the-point, perhaps finance will be a good option for you.

Develop your strategy

An effort must be born and a mindset developed to follow the pathway you are planning for yourself. You should always question “is this good enough for me?”. As a smart student with a bright future, anyone should be able to get the very best they deserve. At that time, though, one must know what they want. If you go in to researches in various sciences, what is good enough for you? Are you happy with just conducting the same sort of tests everyone is doing? Or do you want to come up with a new theorem? Having a clear idea on what you want and building the strategy for it, is very important to make these decisions.

Type of learners

There are several types of learners; actually, learning research has identified three types. Fist is known as surface learners, second one is strategic learners and the third is a deep learner. As the name suggests surface learner tries to get by, “survive” an examination. As a result they soon forget what they studied, hence at their career or even in life, they are unable to make any impact. A strategic learner on the other hand, is interested in grades. They will try to somehow remember what they are studying for the sake of getting a good grade. Accordingly they also are incapable of making a significant contribution to the society through their careers. A deep learner is what you must become, who absorbs the essence of everything and who go on to become innovators.

So don’t be back benchers of the society; anyone who is born has the capacity and capability of doing great. Use that amazing human mind you have.