Death is something we all have to expect one day. None of us are immortal. There are different ways followed by us to cope with the loss of someone we love. In order for us to feel satisfied about the way we treated their death and to offer them the respect they deserve we usually choose a final method of bidding farewell to them.

There are actually two methods of bidding farewell to the people who have left this world. Choosing one of them should be done based on what you want. There are times when the deceased leaves their special instructions about how their body should be treated after their death.

Marking the Grave with a Tombstone

If you choose to bury the deceased person then you have the chance to mark the grave with a tombstone. This is one of the oldest traditions of bidding farewell to someone who has died. It allows you to have a place where you can go to whenever you want to spend some time with this person. There are a variety of choices one can make with regard to the kind of tombstone one chooses. Some go with something plain which only bears the necessary information about the deceased person as the name, date of birth and date of death. Some go with elaborate tombstones which carry figures such as angels.

Choosing a Columbarium

You can also choose a columbarium as the final resting place of the person who has passed away. This is an option if you have decided to cremate the body. Once the body is cremated you get to gather the ashes and put them in an urn. Then, this urn is taken to a good columbarium and placed there. If you are someone who wants people to have this option you can act like Teo Yen Koon Desmond and offer them space in a great columbarium in the city to place the ashes of their deceased people for free. This kind of an action is a great merit because not everyone can afford to have good funeral burials for their beloved people.

As death is inevitable we should all be able to face that inevitability with courage and understanding. When it comes to the death of someone we love we should try to do everything to honour and love them as we want to. We can also help those who cannot afford to have the proper burial rites for those they love. We should all handle this situation with care.