What is referred to as a ‘’live feed’’?

A live feed is when a real time video orchestrated by a guest or a participant of an event is broadcasted at the said event for the period of its duration. This is typically well wishes or expression of support for the cause of the event and is a really fun thing to do with friends, and the bloopers are the real entertainment and is reason to a lot of laughter.

What is a themed photo booth?

A themed photo booth is set to complement the overall theme of the event and is equipped with props and a back ground that gives you the opportunity to in-act situations and poses that makes a picture more interesting. With these kind of special affects you can take a tropical vacation or shoot up to space with your friends all during your cousins wedding or at a fundraising for the community. Imagination. It’s a powerful tool!

What are the usual events to come across a photo booth?

A Singapore photo booth is a must at all social events. it is an innovative tie up of the age old practice of picture taking with the new world of social media.These booths now offer novelties such as animated GIFs, boomerangs and the 180 degree view just like it is available on Facebook, IG and on the apple phone to give your pictures a zing. This is a very popular inclusion in almost all weddings and graduation ceremonies and even at company and college dinner dances. It is a fun element that urges the crowd to capture their good times in a pic. Something to look back to one day.

What is event photography instant print?

This is a great keep sake for the guests at your wedding or a great pic for graduating students to take home. Both individual and group photos that are taken at the event are digitally transferred to a portable printer to be handed over to guests immediately or at the end of the proceedings.

How do video music booths work?

A video music booth requires three short videos with a chosen input of music to be shot and edited with special effects of your choice including a complementing back ground. This is then mailed for you to share with friends and family in any social media platform of your choice or you can also pocket it for private viewing. It is sure to bring a good laugh at the end of the day.